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Fall Patterns and Winter Season Patterns

Each season has its own distinguished atmosphere that brings with it a whole different mood. Just like how storytelling starts with an introduction, then events take place, and ends with its own ending. Stories differ in their moods, characters, and events that unfolds since the beginning until the end. The same goes for seasons. Since […]

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Graphic Design Trends in 2017 for Designers and Artists

Written by: The Oranje Company If you’re in illustrator specializing in digital art, you’re probably feeling that your occupation is in demand right now. And if you’re a designer aspiring to improve your work and projects, it’s really important to know about graphic design trends. The current employment trends showed that there is a wide […]

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What are the Best Design Tools?

Top 5 best design tools Writter by: cindyhardy The world of designing keeps on changing. With every passing day, a new design with a new technique and a new combination of colors emerges in the market. Well, the field of designing is no more limited to just creating images or scene. It has a lot […]

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Fresh Careers: Surface Pattern Designer, What Do They Do?

Who doesn’t love a great pattern! From phone covers to framed wall art surface patterns are all around us. For the creative person who enjoys repetition in design, this is a career path that is right in their wheelhouse. Designers can translate their works onto fabric and print allowing for unlimited possibilities in how to […]

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Artista at the DAI Festival

I participated at the DAI festival that took place on November 25th which was one of the main reasons behind my lack of posts. Since knowing about this event I started working on some paintings and chose digital patterns to print on canvas and acrylics. With the little time I had, I managed to set […]

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Who is Artista? من هي آرتيستا؟

If you’re wondering about ‘Artista’ and the founder of this brand read on to get your questions answered. إن كنتم تتساءلون عن ما هي شركة آرتيستا ومؤسسة هذه الشركة أكملوا قراءة هذا المقال للإجابة على تساؤلاتكم. Artista was founded in February 2012 by me -Anwaar Saleh Al-Asousi. It’s a graphic design studio and since I’m […]

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Ottoman Pattern Painting Process Using Acrylics and Gold

Written by: Anwaar Saleh Pattern design is my speciality. Therefore, I thought of recording ottoman pattern painting process for my latest pattern. When drawing a pattern, I usually first start with a simple element. I keep drawing until I get the shape that I visualized before starting to draw. Sometimes I add more details to […]

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LeMoji: The Story Behind LeMoji

  Around two weeks ago I got invited to create a set of Emojis for an app called ‘MojiLala’. I sketch characters all the time but designing an emoji is a first for me. Yet, I dislike limiting myself to one project so I decided to give it a try and design a set with […]

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Pigments for Painting

What are pigments for painting? Pigments are a type of paint that comes in different forms. There are rock-like, powders, and watercolor-like set pigments. Although there are different types but their application and use is similar. In order to use them you have to dissolve the pigment with water. Again you can control the concentration […]

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Basic Art Supplies for Artists and Designers

Dear artists, do you often ask yourself what materials and art supplies should you use? I always do. But for one I have a rough idea what to use as long as I have a specific project in mind. Otherwise, I get lost in wonderland world. Especially the fact that today there are plenty of […]

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