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Pigments for Painting

What are pigments for painting?

Pigments are a type of paint that comes in different forms. There are rock-like, powders, and watercolor-like set pigments. Although there are different types but their application and use is similar.

Pigments pigments4

In order to use them you have to dissolve the pigment with water. Again you can control the concentration of the paint using more or less water depending on the result you want to have. Also, it depends on your design whether you need to use pigments on a large design or a small one.

If you have powder pigments, I suggest you preserve and use them in small containers. This will save your paint for future projects. I don’t find mixing them in a palette useful because they will end up drying quickly and it’ll be wasted. But if you preserve them like I stated earlier, you can mix the paint with another shade or use metallics/pearls with primary colors to come up with interesting mixed color.

Different Pigments

One interesting fact about pigments is that they’re used for cosmetics. However, do not confuse the two because cosmetic pigments are good to use on the face but paint pigments are not. Aside from that they have similar application.

The way you can use pigments is either one of the following.

1. Mix with water.
2. Mix with similar paint (acrylic, gouache, watercolor, or oil).
3. Apply it straight away on wet paint.

In any of the above mentioned ways, you can use any type of brush you feel comfortable with.

Another thing I wish to mention is the beauty of pigments especially metallics and pearls can be noticed more on darker colored papers than white paper. White paper sometimes makes the paint look pale and not to concentrated. But black paper for instance works amazingly well with such paints. Personally, I test my colors on white paper first then work with off-white and beige papers. I use sketchbooks from Muji store and noticed that the papers aren’t pure white. So painting with those papers gives a different result than painting with white papers.

pigments pigments

The types of pigments I have are as follows:

1. Jacquard Pearl EX Set.

2. FineTec Pearl Colors Set.

3. Holi Color Powder by Chameleon Colors.

4. 鳩居堂 (KYUKYODO): Gold and silver pigments.

5. ナカガワ胡粉絵具株式会社 ( Nakagawa Gofun Enogu Co.,LTD): Metallics, red and purple pigments. The products I used from this brand’s collection is found under their ‘Iwa-Enogu’ collection.

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