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Ottoman Pattern Painting Process Using Acrylics and Gold

Written by: Anwaar Saleh

Pattern design is my speciality. Therefore, I thought of recording ottoman pattern painting process for my latest pattern.

When drawing a pattern, I usually first start with a simple element. I keep drawing until I get the shape that I visualized before starting to draw. Sometimes I add more details to it and keep drawing until I’m satisfied with the result. Afterwards, I work on creating a whole pattern from that element.

Process of Painting by Artistakw

The kind of pattern I’m working with in this design is the Ottoman pattern. It’s such a beautiful and precise form of art. I registered for a Tezhip(Gilding) painting course on February 2015 and it was my very first time taking such a course. Since I already work heavily with patterns I know some basic shapes and know how to draw patterns myself but this was completely different.

I worked with gold and learned how to gild patterns using gold powder. Although I wished I learned more on how to draw the Ottoman patterns or at least the basic techniques I should consider before drawing. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining course. I got to know some of the students with me and the wonderful Turkish teacher Dilara. She’d been too helpful with giving advice and recommending some readings for me.

Personally, I’m still making my way towards being professional in this field but it takes a heavy practice and time. So for the time being I’ll rework my old patterns and paint them. I drew too many patterns since last year so I have a lot of work to do the next weeks. I just love it when my schedule gets busy with productive work.

So here are the current books I refer to for inspiration and to learn more about Ottoman patterns:

Few books I refer to for Design Inspiration

2. Ornament And Design in Turkish Decorative Arts by Azade Akar and Cahide Keskiner
3. Turkish Motifs by Cahide Keskeiner

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