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Graphic Design Trends in 2017 for Designers and Artists

Written by: The Oranje Company

If you’re in illustrator specializing in digital art, you’re probably feeling that your occupation is in demand right now. And if you’re a designer aspiring to improve your work and projects, it’s really important to know about graphic design trends. The current employment trends showed that there is a wide market for such occupations mainly because of its main use is on the Internet. Some of them are even privileged to be working just from home, but still provide a quality and effective output. We all know what the Internet demands are right now; quite a number of people in the world are currently using it for their main transactions and access to information, and this side of digital illustration has been affected by it as well.

In line with this, there are current graphic design trends that are thriving in 2017, and here are some of them:

    Graphic design trend 1: Textured Designs


    Texture is an important aspect of digital designs most particularly on websites. Textures can add drama and realism to almost anything on which they are used. They’ve been thriving on many designs over the Internet by accentuating the main design through either affecting the main design or just merely providing a design trick. They are continually evolving though, as graphic designers are always improving as they go along.

    Graphic design trend 2: Use of Blue


    For some reason, blue became one of the norms that digital designers have been using recently. This is mainly due to the fact that the colour blue has a calming and pleasing effect on viewers. This in turn has created a stir in digital art and any current illustrator makes it a point to include a considerable amount of blue in their designs.

    Graphic design trend 3: Plaid Designs


    Plaid is a classic design that was initially regarded as an obsolete design. However, it remains as one of the most stable and trendy designs out there. Plaid designs can be more effective when combined with specific colours, textures and some simple layouts. Some of the more popular colour combinations with plaid designs are black and red or black and white colours. The tri-colour designs of black, white and pink are also popular among teens and have since become commonly used with website pages intended for the younger market.

    Graphic design trend 4: Simple layouts


    Who says simple is not enough? In the currently trending website designs, the mantra ‘less is more’ is now becoming popular. It has been noted that in order to keep the website visitor focused on the message it wants to convey, simple designs should be used. Simple designs can also generate less stress on the eyes of the website viewers. That’ll keep them glued to the screen more than any other website design. Along with the absence of distractions such as obtrusive ads or design breaks, a simple layout design can be very effective nowadays.

Everyone knows that the digital world is constantly evolving. Also, graphic design trends keep on changing. This is due to the fact that digital technology also keeps on evolving. But one thing will always be constant – graphic design will always be an important part of how a website or digital art can be effective in conveying their intended information.

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