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Fresh Careers: Surface Pattern Designer, What Do They Do?

Who doesn’t love a great pattern! From phone covers to framed wall art surface patterns are all around
us. For the creative person who enjoys repetition in design, this is a career path that is right in their
wheelhouse. Designers can translate their works onto fabric and print allowing for unlimited
possibilities in how to sell their designs.

Background for A Surface Pattern Designer

Art based jobs differ from almost every other job. Education, while important, is not what makes a
designer. A designer is an artist and they must possess a talent and eye. Often surface designers have a
theme they work with. Typically, that theme is something they are passionate about or have a
connection too. That is not something taught in a classroom and is what makes the surface designs
attractive to buyers.

However, a designer should know certain computer programs and applications. In order to effectively
produce patterns for multi-use a designer should use programs like Adobe. This is learned easily via a
class or on their own through the internet and books. An art education should not be overlooked
though. Receiving an education in art allows artists to learn more about design and aesthetic and how
to improve their work. While there are always some artists that just instantly know how to make
someone fall in love with their work, it is the exception not the rule.

Creating surface patterns is all about finding something that inspires the artist. Whether it’s a word,
scenery, life event, or feeling their creativity is what is important. The authentic emotion they put into
their work is what makes some want to purchase their design. It is not something that can be faked or
duplicated. Having an inspired surface pattern is what separates it from the 1,000’s of other choices a
consumer or company has to choose from. It is about knowing color combinations and shape
integration as much as it is about knowing how to draw or illustrate.

Generating Revenue with Surface Patterns

Surface pattern designs are created for a vast amount of goods. They can be printed on fabric for
bedding or on a canvas for wall art. Since these patterns have such a wide array of uses it is important
for them to original and inspired. Having those characteristics in them makes these surface designs
popular and increases the amount of goods they are available on. Having coveted patterns increase an
artist’s visibility and in turn increases their profits.

When a surface designer gets more visible it attracts larger companies to want to work with them. These
companies might want them to design exclusive patterns for them. They may also want designers to
partner with them on certain projects like a special line of children’s clothing. It is mutually beneficial for
the company and the designer because creative designs will peak the interest of consumers. This
generates sales for the company and the designer and boosts their brand awareness.

Where Else Can a Surface Pattern Designer Work?

While many surface pattern designers work exclusively in the textile and printed goods market some
venture outside those confines. Designing patterns can translate to branding and consulting
jobs. Companies looking to create a new logo (or update an existing one) or change packaging might
want to use this style of design. It is attractive to the eye and will differentiate them from other

Consulting is also another area some designers turn to. When companies want to introduce new
products or marketing initiatives there is always a design element. Since surface pattern designers
create designs that evoke a connection with consumers they are the perfect fit in this capacity. Their
insight on a campaigns design garners a positive result because they know what colors work together
and what shapes and patterns are appealing.

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