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Fall Patterns and Winter Season Patterns

Each season has its own distinguished atmosphere that brings with it a whole different mood. Just like how storytelling starts with an introduction, then events take place, and ends with its own ending. Stories differ in their moods, characters, and events that unfolds since the beginning until the end. The same goes for seasons. Since we’re in fall season, the patterns that are specially designed for fall and winter seasons caught my eyes.

Not all of us may notice exactly what are the name of the patterns used in fall/winter fashion or what are the types of patterns that are particularly designed for fall and winter. That’s why I thought of writing this article to guide you through some of fall and winter’s patterns that are widely used in the fashion and design worlds. Even digital patterns highly depend on the seasons where they design specific patterns for each season. You can purchase some of the digital fall patterns here: Etsy.

Below is a short list of some of the fall patterns that can be seen almost anywhere during that season:

1. Check (Checkered) patterns.

One of the popular patterns that is highly used in winter season particularly is the checkered patterns. Checks are simple patterns that consists of two different colored blocks where one is always white while the other can be any other color.

2. Scandinavian and Nordic Patterns

Inspired by nature, the elements included in these types of patterns are snowflakes, flowers and plants, and animals. They’re also highly inspired by folk art, and geometric shapes.

3. Tartan

These patterns Originated in Northern Scotland. Usually, tartan patterns consist of dark shades of blues, blacks, and greens.

4. Argyle

Argyles are simply designed using a diamond shaped pattern with a solid or dashed line. There are no specific colors used in particular when designing Argyles.

5. Paisley or Boteh Motif

Paisleys are originated in Persia but became a popular and widely designed pattern in Indian.

6. Houndstooth

Originated in Scotland. (http://www.mysticpolly.com/pegasus_vintage/2010/05/the-history-of-houndstooth.html) The houndstooth pattern is highly used for jackets and coats in particular but it can also be used in skirts and dresses too.

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