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Basic Art Supplies for Artists and Designers

Dear artists, do you often ask yourself what materials and art supplies should you use?

I always do. But for one I have a rough idea what to use as long as I have a specific project in mind. Otherwise, I get lost in wonderland world. Especially the fact that today there are plenty of art materials to choose from. Not only brands, but even products varies from paints to markers. But I’ll show you below the types of art supplies you can start with for different projects and with practice you’ll figure out your own materials in the future.

Here it goes:



Floral Patterns by Artistakw

Patterns can either be digital or handmade. For digital designs you can use softwares like Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator to create your patterns. For handmade illustrated patterns, the most important thing is the paper you’re using. Textured papers will drop the quality of painting a little when scanning it. The paper texture will be evident that it sometimes ruins the design. So my first suggesting is using a smooth watercolor/stock paper sheet. Of course, every design needs to be sketched with pencil. The widely used pencils are the HB pencils. However, because I love my sketches to be light and clean I prefer using automatic pencils. Using a pencil means you need a eraser and a sharper and for these you can any brand. As for the colors you can any types of markers, and paints depending on the result you want to achieve. In detailed patterns I suggest using acrylics, gouache, or even watercolors. They’re perfect to bring out the details of your design.

Artistic Artwork


Artistic Paintwork

What I mean by artistic work is full paintings. In those, even your brushes will differ than the ones you use for small paintings and prints. That doesn’t mean you can’t use smaller brushes but they’re perfect for small details here and there. For this type of art, gouache and acrylic paints are the ones to go for. I’ll tell you more in details about the different types of acrylics and gouaches in a later post.

Digital Art


Design Art

This type of art is not handmade or physical, it’s the total opposite. In the past there used to be only Photoshop and Illustrator where you can create your designs and digital work with. However, today other softwares and apps emerged to the surface making it hard to choose what to use.

You can familiarize yourself with the different softwares out there or choose a specific one like Photoshop. The other programs don’t differ a lot for they all have similar tools and features. And with a little bit of time you’ll get used to any program you use.

Traditional Art


colors1 colors4

When I say traditional art I immediately think colored pencils and crayons. Personally, I don’t use crayons a lot but when I visit art supplies stores I notice that brands are creating different types of crayons unlike the original ones I used (and others use) when I was a kid.

The same goes with colored pencils. Aside from the primary colors there are neons, and watercolor pencils too. I enjoy drawing with the latter because colors can be mixed with water. This will create a smooth texture to your illustration instead of the sharp edges and texture that the normal colored pencil tend to have.

Markers fall under this category too. Again, brands today create wonderful types of markers that are perfect for traditional art. For a change, I always look out for new brands and types of markers including gel, metallic, brush, and paint markers.

Again, I’ll talk in more details on the types of markers, pencils, pencil colors and such in a later post.

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