Who is Artista?

Artista is a graphic design and art studio founded by the designer Anwaar Saleh AlAsousi. She runs the small business as both the owner and designer. Specializing in surface patterns didn’t stop her from unleashing her illustration skills in different areas including fashion, jewelry, and character designs.

Anwaar was keen on art since she was a kid. Therefore, drawing and designing aren’t new concepts to her.


In 2012 and after months of hard thinking, she came up with the idea of establishing her own small business. It was later she found herself choosing graphic design among her other skills and hobbies. Also, through graphic design she was able to blend in her other hobbies and find new interest along the way.

Working full-time for 2 years surely let her pick up new skills including lettering and pattern designing. Prior to that, Anwaar was a graphic designer since the late 90’s. Her skills at that time were limited to coloring and textures application to create posters and icons for forums.



Anwaar first appeared on TV in 2014 in an interview she did for AlRai TV about her business ‘Artista’. The second interview was on Kuwait TV at the same year.